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As a public benefit organization our foundation BÁZIS Youth, Community Development and Cultural Foundation takes value-based education of young people as its main mission. We aim at supporting the youngsters of Nagykovacsi and its region in recognizing the importance of building and belonging to a community, maintaining health, and pursueing a healthy, active and sporty lifestyle. We put special focus on drog prevention, crime prevention and lifestyle and environmental education. Besides these activities, the Foundation organizes cultural activities: events, concerts, exhibitions, performances, sporting events, camps and workshops.

Our main activities include:

‣ Film club organized monthly

‣ International summer camps for young people from twinning settlements

‣ Exhibition and concert of young talents

‣ Sporting events

‣ Informal get-togethers

‣ Career management for youth

Our organization is a foundation which operates on a voluntary basis. Besides the 7 volunteers who founded the organization several other volunteers support our work. On permanent basis we have staff including: an accountant, project managers, language teachers, psychologist, teachers, entrepreneurs, artists, and students and parents of various background and skills.

The primary target group is young people mainly from the settlement Nagykovacsi and its area (ages 12-30) and secondarily their parents. Also, we try to reach all those people whose scope of interest can overlap with those of the foundation. We also aim to strenghthen intergenerational cooperations.

Please visit our facebook page: www.facebook.com/bazisalapitvany


Please have a look at our evs registration:


Organisation:  Bazis Alapitvany

Address:  Arvacska u. 1.

Postal code:  2094

Town:  Nagykovacsi

Country:  Hungary

E-mail:  evs.bazisalapitvany@gmail.com

Phone:  0036306435640

Contact:  Eniko Nagy